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Rowling says she wont write a prequel about the marauders, should she ever decide to return to the harry potter series with new books. In a few months, well be seeing the first film in j. Check out our wizarding world collection including harry potter books, dvd box sets, funko. Rowling harry potter prequel was auctioned in london in 2008 for. The money raised went to english pen and dyslexia action. Rowling always said that the seventh harry potter book, harry potter and the deathly hallows, would be the last in the series, and so far she has kept to her word. The announcement comes just two weeks after rowlings harry potter and the cursed child hit shelves. Jk rowling insists new harry potter play not a prequel. There are prequels to the alien films, star wars and theres supposed to be one for the thing coming out. Jk rowling has a computerrelated query but fans are.

Rowling has already had quite the huge year, with the debut of her new play harry potter and the cursed child, and the new harry potter theatrical spinoff fantastic. Rowlings popular book series the 51yearold author is taking readers back into the world of wizardry with. Rowling in 2008 as part of a charity auction event, for which it fetched. The story recounts an encounter with muggle police experienced by sirius black and james potter, taking place before the events of the harry potter series. Jk rowlings new kids book has nothing to do with harry potter. Fictional boy wizard harry potter has made his first appearance in seven years, featuring as a nearly 34yearold with grey hairs in a new short story by author j.

Rowling is writing 2 new books, is one of them harry. Harry potter at home launches in response to covid19 emergency j. The first harry potter book was released 20 years ago today in the united kingdom. Ive just finished the fourth galbraith novel, lethal white, and im now writing the screenplay for fantastic beasts 3. Almost seven years after publishing the final harry potter book. These books explain the joys and mysteries of the home. Coronavirus spreads exponentially in qatars labor camps flareups in asia prompt new. An 800word, untitled short story, unofficially known as the harry potter prequel, was written by j. The harry potter prequel has magically disappeared. Jk rowling is known around the world for writing the harry potter series. Rowling has great talent as a writer and worldbuilder, which is evident by her harry potter books. Set three years before the birth of harry potter, the story recounts an adventure had by sirius black and james potter.

Rowlings screenplay is spot on and as with the potter books and films, she. Set three years before harry is born, the prequel follows james potter, the boy wizards dad. Jk rowling shares her favourite harry potter quote. Smithsonian journeys smithsonian channel smithsonian books. Harry potter prequel the harry potter compendium fandom. The seven original harry potter books have been published in 79.

Rowlings new harry potter story is a marketing scam. Rowling has a new short story about the adult harry potter, written in the form of a gossip column by rita skeeter, the ruthless and factbending journalist of the potter series. The cards were collated and sold for charity in book form in august 2008. Rowling cast a spell over the world with her harry potter series, and when she released the final book in the series in july of 2007 diehard fans of the boy wizard were desperate for more. Rowling have urged fans not to buy the magical manuscript. Harry potter prequel fantastic beasts to film in liverpool. The movie prequel to jk rowlings harry potter novels will be filmed in liverpool later this october. Petition request jk rowling to write a harry potter prequel about. It may be hard to believe, but it has been nearly a decade since the release of j. Rowling announces new harry potter universe film series. Rowling, and was published online on june 11th, 2008. K rowling acknowledged that shes about to start writing a nonharry potter childrens book. Unless they shelled out for plane tickets, they werent.

The harry potter prequel is an 800word story written by j. Theyve managed to make me laugh out loud in a few short scenes. Jk rowling defends new harry potter ebooks after fans. Rowling is releasing 4 new harry potter books online. J k rowlings harry potter prequel stolen in burglary. Rowlings screenplay for the harry potter prequel will be published.

In 2000 jk rowling spoke to the big issue ahead of the release of the fourth harry potter book, the goblet of fire. Jk rowling is giving her literary fans a treat by releasing the script for fantastic beasts and where to find them as a book. Rowling, who will be making her screenwriting debut, had this to say about the new project. Rowlings harry potter prequel story was stolen, the telegraph reports the famed british author, 51, jotted down the story to help raise money for english pen. While we on, heres a date for the diaries of all harry potter fans 5 february 2015 is harry potter book night when there will be all kinds of potterbased fun to be had. As maura judkis reported harry potter has grown up, and so have j.

Rowlings contribution was an 800word harry potter prequel that concerns harrys father, james potter, and godfather, sirius black, and takes place three years before harry was born. Rowling announces ebook series, pottermore presents. Rowlings first harry potter book turns 20 in the u. Suzanne collins is back with a new hunger games prequel. New york amsterdam news 43020 covid19 in newark, nj.

Rowling and her wizarding world partners have launched harry potter at home today to help children, parents, carers and teachers confined at home during the covid19 outbreak. Rowling has agreed to pen the three films, in partnership with wb ceo kevin tsujihara, according to the. Jk rowling has defended the publication of her new harry potter ebooks after fans complained that they were filled with very little original writing by the bestselling author. Rowling is giving us more new harry potter books this. The book is the script of a twopart stage play, currently being performed in. Rowling has announced in a new interview with that the epilogue of harry. The only people who will buy this unique piece are true harry potter fans. Fantastic beasts 3 can save the harry potter prequel series. The 800word story was sold at a charity auction in central london. Rowling, in collaboration with bloomsbury and the british library, will be releasing two new harry potter books.

Just when we thought the harry potter franchise was finally over, rowling says j. She recently tweeted a computer query from her twitter account. K rowlings new trilogy fantastic beasts and where to find them in theaters. Rowling teases a new book sequel video april 10, 2015 8. Harry potter and the cursed child, parts one and two. Apparently the films will be based on a textbook used at hogwarts, fantastic beasts and where to find them, and will follow the adventures of that books fictional author newt scamander. Rowlings prequel, fantastic beasts and where to find them, is better than her harry potter series, which took the single mother, who. This was a pivotal moment in pottermania with a recordbreaking first print run of five million, it was the first novel in the world to go on sale in the uk and us on the same day, shifting three million copies in the states alone on its first weekend. Harry potter will return as a play june 26, 2015 8. Bbc news entertainment potter prequel sold at auction. A handwritten postcard by j k rowling containing a prequel story to the harry potter saga has been stolen in a burglary. Last month, we were blessed with rowlings eighth installment of the harry potter series in the form of a play harry potter and the cursed child. Rowling has had to correct quite a few misleading read.

It was handwritten for a charity event at waterstones and auctioned off for. That story has been stolen from a home in birmingham, england. It gives a brief insight into the life of the marauders during the first war. The starstudded relayreading of harry potter and the philosophers stone continued this week with chapter 3, and fanfavourite eddie redmayne. Rowling announced on may 28, 2008 that she was writing a prequel story for english pen, the writers. The prequel to the potter series, handwritten by j. A harry potter prequel is stolen the new york times.

At last nights london premiere of harry potter and the cursed child, reuters reports that j. The ebook news was met with jubilation but also confusion on social media, as some fans celebrated what they mistakenly thought were new harry potter books, and pottermore tried to quash the rumors. Jk rowling announces shes writing another nonharry. Whenever ive read the harry potter books, ive always been fascinated by the marauders. Handwritten harry potter prequel stolen smart news. The author, best known for penning the beloved tales of the boy who lived, released a.

Fantastic beastsbetter than harry potter new york amsterdam. The author, best known for penning the beloved tales of the boy who lived, released a statement on her website that announced her intentions. No date yet set on when these will go into production or be released, but whoa boy. Fans who grew up on the series are now sharing it with their own children. The unofficial harry potter prequel is an 800word story written by j. Dumbledores army reunites at quidditch world cup final by rita skeeter. The prequel comes almost a year after the last book in the boy wizard series, harry potter and the deathly hallows, hit shelves.

New members save 20% off free curbside pickup jigsaw puzzles for all ages. Rowling in 2008 as part of a charity auction event, for which. Harry potter prequel star eddie redmayne reads chapter on. Since then the tweet is going viral on the internet. The official playscript of the original west end production by j. Rowling, bestselling author of the harry potter series, has announced she has a new adult novel coming. Since announcing the new play harry potter and the cursed child via twitter on june 26, j. Rowling is delving into the back story of one of harry potters more twisted hogwarts professors. Rowling cast a spell over the world with her harry potter series, and when she released the final book in the series in july of 2007 diehard fans of. The new additions are a part of the british librarys oct. The original hermione is officially done with harry potter. Rowling has to know, when she does things like publish new harry potter material, that a whole lot of people are going to freak out en mass.

Today, she followed up with a story that takes the form of an article published in the daily prophet. Rowling was writing a sequel to her beloved sevenpart series, they couldnt wait to get their hands on the book. It turns out harry potter and the cursed child wont be the last chapter of j. However, it is the title of her new book that is increasing the curiosity among the fans of jk rowlings books. Posted by john from middletown, nj on august 10, 2007 11. Rowlings harry potter archives are being released as ebooks. The harry potter series is an old heros tale and comingofage story set to the backdrop of the rise of fascism, deliberately paralleled with what happened in britain in the 1930s when fascist politician oswald mosley tried to incite a nazistyle uprising. Rowling began writing new stories about the 2014 quidditch world cup finals for pottermore, the website for all things harry potter. Jk rowling invented harry potter now the bestselling book series of all time while sitting on a badly delayed train in 1990. Harry potter and the sorcerers stone was a global bestseller in 1997, and rowling went on to add six more books to the series one for each year of harry s education at hogwarts. Seven years later, harry potter and the philosophers stone was. Rowling ever wrote was an 800word marauders prequel for charity in 2008.

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